MIUI Express/Lite MIUI 6 Version

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27 Септември 2013
Ето и един начин за всички потребители които искат да опитат MIUI OS но няма порт за даден модел телефон.
Това е MIUI Lite. Приложение което обединява основните функции на MIUI OS:

MIUI Launcher
Unique themes created by renowned designers
Customization on another level

MIUI Dialer
Refined call experience
Block unwanted calls

MIUI Messaging
Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
Block spam texts

Mi Cloud
Sync your contacts, SMS and images
Store & access content conveniently

Changelog for MIUI Lite/Express 1.6.0

- Added support for categorizing notification messages
- Enhanced launch speed of Contacts & Phone & Home screen
- Enhanced smoothness of Settings page
- Enhanced efficiency of batch operation on contacts & call logs

- New lockscreen style
- Added support for categorizing notification messages

- Launch speed of Home screen
- Opening speed of Contacts & Phone
- Smoothness of Settings page
- Efficiency of batch operation on contacts & call logs

- Sometimes icons crowded in the middle and left empty space on the sides
- It would crash after clicking Ok button when hiding apps in GN
- Time in lockscreen of devices having virtual keys in lockscreen was located too high
- No time information on lockscreen of Lenovo K900
- If reboot after installing MIUI Lite, messaging and contacts page would mix together
- New lockscreen would crash in some 480P devices
- Perfect icons could not update
- Unfinished downloading tasks would say 'Download failed' after rebooting
- Select Torch in Toggle would crash
- Messaging would crash in opening when there's new unread notification messages
- Problems caused by stock SMS app receiving messages first in some devices
- It would crash when moving icons from folders to home screen
- Dialing pad was flat in some devices
- It would return to Themes after applying a theme
- It would crash when choosing Toolbox in home screen editing mode in some devices
- Missed calls would not disappear from notification shade in Nexus 5
- SMS & MMS would sync with stock messaging app in Android 4.4 devices
- Custom lockscreen would crash
- It would constantly ask you to set MIUI Express as default messaging app when entering messaging app in Android 4.4 devices
- Call logs didn't show SIM 1 or SIM 2
- When viewing contacts in stock system, it would say 'Contact doesn't exist' if choosing to view in MIUI Express
- Some devices could not receive MMS
- It would crash after send cloud message
- Some devices would crash when syncing contacts
- Disabled phone searching function in Recent/Contacts/Directory
- In systems newer than Android 4.2, clicking Airplane mode would enter airplane settings page for lack of permission
- Contacts would reappear after being deleted from phone and MiCloud
- Contacts in groups would become 0 after syncing with MiCloud
- Sometimes MIUI Express would crash after rebooting
- Sometimes folders would crash when being closed
- It would crash when logging into MiCloud
- Loading icon would appear twice when entering Messaging
- It would crash when opening messaging or a contact shortcut on home screen

За може да инсталирате MIUI Lite препоръчителните характеристики на телефона трябва да са :
Телефон с операционна система ANDROID 4.0 или по-нова ( да не е MIUI OS ) 2G или повече RAM, 100MB свободно пространанство на телефона. Благодарности на dp4u4umi6ev
Свали MIUI Express
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28 Септември 2013
Плевен д'ге
След като Xiaomi пуснаха MIUI V6 много от вас се интересуват кога ще го има и за други телефони освен тези на Xiaomi.
Лошата новина е ,че все още нищо не се знае по въпроса ,а добрата ,че можете да разберете как изглежда като пробвате на телефона си MIUI Express/Lite MIUI 6 Version.

- Brand new MIUI 6 UI
- Cloud message supports voice messages
- Support swiping up using two fingers in Messaging to enter private messaging

- Brand new MIUI 6 UI
- Cloud message supports voice messages
- Private messaging (Swipe up using two fingers)
- Smart IP dialing
- Added phone ringtone option in Settings

- Theme details page
- Settings page UI
- Home screen layouts for some devices
- Ported some devices' icons

- Sometimes, dialing pad didn't show the numbers
- For some devices, system lockscreen wallpaper would show when lock the phone for the first time after applying a new theme
- Could not add some messages to blocklist again if they were restored to Messaging from blocklist once
- Home screen icons would lose after installing a new app if the last screen is full with apps
- Prompt for logging into Xiaomi account would show twice
- Sometimes Contacts would crash if exited contact details page quickly
- Search box in dailing page was too narrow in some devices
- Contacts would crash if choose to select contacts avatars from photo package
- Could not select in some messages when editing them
- Mail supported adding recipients to blocklist
- Messaging didn't response after selecting all text in a message for some devices
- Closing Toolbox would cause crash in home screen editing mode
- Notification shade always showed an app is installing after its update was completed
- Dual-SIM devices SIM 2 could not sync call logs
- Some devices would crash after adding widgets
- Phone could not be unlocked after lock/unlock it quickly twice
- Some devices could not set MIUI Express as default launcher
- For some devices, call logs with a person did not update timely if called them from the contact details page
- Swipe up using one finger would cause crash in some dual-SIM devices
- For some devices, if set contacts avatars in MIUI Express, they would display abnormally in stock system
- Some devices didn't show call logs
- Syncing contacts to Mi Cloud would cause crash
- Updating weather info would cause crash
- Sometimes, widgets in the dock would disappear in home screen editing mode
- It often returned to home screen automatically when using an app
- Sometimes, diall pad didn't respond
Свали MIUI Express/Lite MIUI 6 Version
Харесвания: Nikolay Angelov and Thunder81


4 Декември 2013
Може ли да обновиш линка за изтегляне? п.п. Изтеглих го, може да пренебрегнеш поста ми.
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